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We are getting ready to start our indoor services and we need a team of volunteers to alternately serve in our Church to keep our building and facilities prepared for the new normal. This team will be filled with various positions.

We will provide training and the steps for each position, so all of us will be aware of the details.

Choose the volunteer position you prefer and join us.

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volunteer positions

Volunteer Positions

Door Monitor

2 volunteers  
Will be initial greeters outside the main doors … will help provide assistance and maintain distance between people. 
The monitor will hold open the door to allow entry of all participants, and at the side door, allow exit after service.
The monitor will confirm that the person is feeling well and take temperature as needed before entering the building. Will call upon the coordinator if needed.
They will hand over the person to the greeter.  


2 volunteers​

Greeters will be located inside the main doors.  
The greeter will assume a similar role as current greeters.  They will also confirm that the person is feeling well and are aware of all protocols.  Will sanitize the person's hands upon entry and will remind that masks are required at all times and offer one if they did not bring one.
They will ensure that people will take coats into the sanctuary with them.  They will also assist with minimal socialization in the entrance.
If needed the Greeters will call upon the co-ordinator to address any issues.
Upon entry, each family/individual will be directed to the registrar.


Registrars will be located at the end of the entrance close to washrooms behind a table.  One at each end.
Check off the person's registration if they have reserved on-line.  

  • Ensure that they understand all questions of the questionnaire and that all are negative.  If not all negative,  will be handed to Co-ordinator for detailed review.

  • Ensure that they have signed the Church wavier for insurance purposes.   Ask them to step to the side,  review and a copy is to be signed.

  • Offer copies of both the wavier or questionnaire if they wish.

  • Upon all conditions being met .. the person will sign-in and note members in the party.  They will also check both the questionnaire and wavier box.

When signed-in the party will be directed to the Ushers.


3 volunteers 

One usher will monitor side entrance into the sanctuary.
Ushers will be inside the sanctuary doors.
1 usher will always be at the door while the other 2 may be seating others.
When a person/family pre-registers their seats will be assigned.  As they enter the sanctuary, the usher leads the person to his or her assigned spot in the sanctuary.
The ushers will ensure that proper spacing remains between individuals/families.
Even after the service starts, the ushers will remain at the doors in the event that a person needs assistance or to leave the Sanctuary for any reason (example: to use the washroom, deal with a child), they will hold the doors and ensure that co-ordinator or other monitors are aware.  When they return, the usher will take the person back to his / her spot in the sanctuary.

Washroom Monitor

2 volunteers​  (1 male / 1 female)

The monitor ensures that only one person occupies the washroom at any given time. 
All washrooms will be monitored – men's, ladies', handicapped, and nursery (if necessary to use the nursery washroom).   If people use a paper towel to open the washroom door when exiting, a waste can will be provided to discard the paper towel. The person will also be asked to sanitize his or her hands when leaving the washroom. 
The monitors will work with the cleaning staff who will ensure that the washrooms are kept clean and sanitized.

Children’s Monitor

1 volunteer

Stationed by the nursery prior to the service and inside the sanctuary by the nursery to offer assistance if needed, during the service.
Will give assistance to the parents of any children to allow entrance into the nursery or private room as needed.
Will assist the parents and will not deal directly with the children.
The monitor ensures that proper distancing is always being maintained and should allow one family to occupy a room at any given time. 
Monitors will ensure the rooms are kept clean and sanitized after use.

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