What makes a good community? YOU!! Welcome to Bridlewood Community Church of the Nazarene (BCCN). You are exactly what we had in mind when we chose the name for our Church because without You there would be no comm(you)nity.

Everyone is welcome so, come on in and take a look around, meet the people and make some new friends. Togetherness is what makes your community at BCCN so amazing!


Chances are you might already be familiar with our facility because we strive to be an important contributor to your community here in Bridlewood. We partner with many local groups who make use of our space for their various activities and are also the home of the Bridlewood Child Care Learning Centre.

We are confident your next step to getting to know us better will be a warm and comfortable welcome home.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!!



About Us

Charmaine Kofler



Our History

Bridlewood is a member of the Church of the Nazarene, an evangelical Christian denomination that was founded in 1908.  A full and detailed history of the CoTN can be found here.


The first Nazarene church was built in downtown Los Angeles, and focused on ministering to families from the inner cities, those who might be considered the 'down and outers'.


Bridlewood Community Church continues to focus on ministering to families, with a focus on wellness & wholeness.

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 am for a service of worship, praise and learning. 


Our Mission

To encourage Spiritual growth and personal relationships with Christ, to share the Gospel and demonstrate God's love to our neighbour.


Our Vision

To become overflowing with believers in Jesus Christ who are passionate about sharing His love and offer of salvation, being equipped for and active in ministry, working together to revitalize and grow the Church.

Our Core Values


The Holy Bible is our foundation. We study, apply and teach the Word of God, emphasizing the holy and loving life of Jesus.



We strive to do what Jesus would do, inviting people to experience a personal relationship with Jesus.


We love and empathize with all people, prayerfully seeking His guiding hand in all we do.



We live sacrificially to help and support those in need locally and around the world, for we are all neighbours.



Our Leadership

Board of Stewards

Harriett Brennan, Louise Finnamore, Richard Lane, Helen Saunders

Board of Trustees

Glyn Newsham, Dan Kotylak, Kurt Haller, Jack Rutherford

Congressional Representative to the Daycare 

Sue Newsham



Dan Kotylak 

Sunday School Superintendent

Helen Saunders 

Missions President

Allan Day


Harriett Brennan & Marian Sinnett

Children's Great Big Praise 
Helen Saunders


Office Administrator

Ruth Haller

Bridlewood Community
Church of The Nazarene



Office hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.


2, Stonehaven Drive

Kanata, Ontario, K2M 2P9

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